Sample Programmes

Being prepared for the unexpected


Programme Overview

Fast paced business need leaders and teams who can see where they need to go, be prepared for the unexpected and be able to quickly apply new plans to adapt to change.
SAILING FOR SUCCESS gives leaders and teams a real experience, not just a simulation; learning from the world of sailing and yacht racing to plan as a team whilst being continuously challenged to stay on course by changing weather, tidal movement and the presence of other boats and submerged obstacles.
You will learn more about yourself and others and leave the experience with a stronger team or partnership with your fellow crew members.
You will learn the basics of sailing a yacht in the Solent and be able to refresh your skills if you have sailed before.


Example programmes

(Example 1)


Before the experience you will:

  • Have an opportunity to design the ‘voyages’ destinations and duration of the experience – making it more or less challenging and to fit your time limitations (minimum 2 days)

  • Receive RYA (Royal Yachting Association) ‘Passage Planning’ literature.  Whilst it is not essential to read this material as we will give you full guidance, it will help enrich your experience

  • Be asked to document your own leadership and team challenges and think about how this experience may give you an opportunity to rethink the way you work

Day 1

In the morning,

  • you will join the yacht, ‘Fireball’ in Royal Clarence marina, settle on-board, meet the crew and receive a safety briefing.

  • The crew will give you the passage plan to take us to Cowes on the Isle of Wight, taking account of tides, weather and wind conditions and known obstacles in the Solent.

  • We will assign roles so that everyone gets a chance to get a feel for the boat.

  • Using the agreed passage plan we will set sail for Cowes.


  • We will check you into The Crew House and provide a sandwich lunch and soft drinks.

  • Retiring to the briefing room we will take the next 3 hours to:

    • Provide tuition and resources to help you make your own passage plans

    • Give you time to individually plan for the passage the next day

    • Ask you all to present your plans to the group and agree on the best plan

    • Decide crew roles for the passage (The Skipper and Yacht Crew remain a key part of your team!)


The evening is free time for you and your team or business partners.  Success For Sailing will be delighted to make dinner reservations for you.

Day 2

In the morning

After a ‘bacon butty’ breakfast delivered to Fireball, we will review the latest forecasts and you can adjust your passage plan according to this and any revised sailing times.  WE set sail for the chosen destination using the passage plan. 

The Day

  • We set sail for the destination agreed, working as a team and constantly checking for changes in information

  • Lunch will be ashore in a local pub or restaurant

  • Using the agreed plan, but revising for any changes to weather and timings we set sail back for Cowes

Late afternoon

After putting the boat straight we pour a glass of wine and serve some beers and have a de-brief.  Your Leadership facilitator and Yacht’s skipper will both help with the debriefing, but we encourage you to highlight your own learnings.

Here are some of the things you may have experienced:

  • How to plan to sail a yacht which relies on nature’s elements – the plan always needs adjustment

  • How to take different roles on-board with perceived differing hierarchies

  • Supporting multiple other leaders and team members on-board the boat to be successful and safe

  • Needing help and being prepared to ask for it in a timely manner

  • Making mistakes and managing to overcome them

  • Inspiring others to adopt a plan or compromise on theirs

  • How to communicate effectively when things need to get done

  • The importance of quick ‘command and control’ decisions in certain situations


The evening is again your own time but we look forward to sharing a drink with you after you have had dinner.

Day 3

After a bacon butty on-board Fireball we set sail for Gosport where you will disembark around lunch-time.


Most of our clients are senior leaders and business people.  We help facilitate learning during the experience and many prefer to bring that back into the workplace without further support.  However, should you wish further coaching or facilitate sessions we can provide this service over the following months.


Alternative itineraries

Alternative Itinerary Ideas
Example 2
How about joining a race as part of the Day 2 itinerary?  On the Solent there are regular day-races where we can the passage plan to another level with the race plan.  Recommended for teams which have 1-2 members who can sail or we reduce your team size to six and provide 2 additional crew members.  An adrenalin-packed day.
Example 3
If you are strapped for time you can join us directly in Cowes (RedCat from Southampton) on Day 1 mid-afternoon) and leave Day 2 in the evening back to the mainland.
Example 4
We can reduce your pricing by providing the accommodation on-board Fireball.  It’s cosy!