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Since 2015, we’ve been offering a unique programme that works alongside conventional training and coaching, aimed at bringing a range of business skills alive in the exhilarating environment of yacht sailing. Mainly operating from the relative shelter of the Solent, we are easy to access at Southampton, Portsmouth or Cowes.
From strategic and commercial planning to teamwork, our focus is always on building your required skills. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself or your organization either directly or with your preferred Training Partner. We can offer one or multiple yachts so, if competition is important to you, how about teams on different boats?
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Your Strategic Partner


Commercial and Business Planning

Do you find it tedious to work through your plans in the office?  Did you notice that plans get derailed?  Use our Crew House to huddle around screens and then get out onto the water to see how plans need continuous tweaking.



Getting onto the water creates the ideal environment for visualising and creating strategy.  Everyone gets more creative and ideas bounce around the boat!


Team Work

We train teams to race.  Anything from UK coastal waters to Atlantic crossings.  Everyone is valuable, new skills are found and developed and morale builders are as important as great rope skills!


This is your skipper, Chris Clark.  Knows all there is to know about sailing and is thoroughly entertaining too!

Chris Clark


AKA The Admiral.  A sailor and a seasoned Business Consultant and Trainer.  Rachel's love of sailing and over 30 years in business come together to run your fabulous experience and skill building.

Rachel McNamara


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